For those times when off-the-shelf isn’t an option, Glastron specializes in designing fully custom, small-batch glassware made from scratch by our experienced and skilled craftspeople. Our artisans will meet your exact specifications with the utmost precision, and we have in-house capability to drill, cut, deactivate, decal, decorate, color, and assemble. Volumetric testing is also available.

When You Contact Glastron for Custom Laboratory Glassware…

It all begins with a conversation. We’ll take the time to fully understand your needs and put our experience to work to give you the perfect solution based on your specifications, application, and more. After initially contacting us, we will start with discovery—taking time upfront to get to know you and your situation better to help us act more quickly and more effectively.

We will then quote the product and provide prototypes and samples as needed before fulfilling your order, so you can be confident the final result will be not only precise but also precisely what you need.

What can we design for you?




When you come to Glastron for custom glassware, your privacy is guaranteed. Maintaining your intellectual property is crucial to your business’s success, so any information that you share to help us serve you will remain confidential. Learn more at www.glastroninc.com/privacy