Special Products
Tech Glass offers the following special over the counter product lines.

  • Enviro Midi-Dist™ VBA Systems for Cyanide, Ammonia or Phenols.
  • Enviro Midi-Dist™ RHA Systems for Ammonia and Phenols.
  • Midi-Distillation Cyanide replacement glassware.
  • Midi-Distillation Ammonia and Phenols replacement glassware.
  • Block Digester Tubes, straight or constricted 75ml, 100ml, and 250ml.
  • Lachat Style B-D tubes and Cold Finger Bulbs.
  • Squeeze-O-Matic Burets 10ml & 25ml.
  • Gas Sampling Impingers (midget impingers) 30ml capacity.
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